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MTW Controls Rebuilds and Upgrades

Our CNC/Servo retrofitting projects include unique complete, mechanical inspections, prior to installing electronics, whether we are rebuilding at the same time or not. This ensures that the best decisions are made and you get the exacting results you need.

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Machine Tool Rebuild

We primarily use Kollmorgen Servos and Trio motion controllers for our retrofits, with either Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC's when required. And if inspection is required, we integrate DVT machine vision into the package.

You can count on single sourcing, since both the electrical and mechanical functions of your machine are handled by MTW Controls. We have the capability of carrying out retrofits and rebuilding on-site or at your facility. Please call us for a quotation and recommendations for your next machine tool retrofit project.

MTW Controls does the highest quality retrofitting for the best prices, in less time. Our experience and proven, innovative procedures encompass  mechanical, electrical and total machine operation for reduced cycle times.

After a complete analysis of our customers requirements, a detailed quote will advice you of the work that will be performed and what components will be replaced on your machinery.  We take into consideration the hydraulics, pneumatics, cosmetics/paint and the control and positioning system. We are a fully licensed electrical shop with the skills to make sure your machine will be rebuilt to an exacting standard and will last the test of time.

We have worked on or rebuilt the following machines:

K.O. Lee Surface grinders

Raycon MP1 EDM machine interfacing

Harig Surface grinders

Barret Parts washers